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Senator Scott Wiener guest speaker at Think Tank

ULI Members held a members roundtable discussion with Senator Wiener on California’s housing crisis.  Members asked questions about his proposed legislation, and heard his thoughts on solutions to address the pressing issue of affordable housing in our state.Elected in November 2016, Senator Scott Wiener represents District 11 in the California State Senate. District 11 includes all of San Francisco, Broadmoor, Colma, and Daly City, as well as portions of South San Francisco. Senator Wiener is a statewide leader in working to meaningfully address California’s severe housing shortage, to reduce traffic congestion, and to modernize and expand our public transportation system. Senator Wiener understands that for California to succeed, we need more housing, we need housing to be near jobs and public transportation, and we need access to non-auto modes of transportation (transit, cycling, walking, scootering, etc.) that provide a viable alternative to driving.

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