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ULI NEXT Tour of 700 K with Bay Miry

ULI’s NEXT Initiative, for ULI Members ages 35-45, was invited to tour 700 K with Developer Bay Miry. Meeting up at the new Ruhstaller on K Street, Bay talked about the project from vision to now which spanned over an 8-year period.  The City of Sacramento selected D&S and CFY to develop the block of 700 K.  Offering both affordable units and market rate, the Hardin’s Resident Clubhouse has recently been completed, and the community has a variety of unit layouts, including 2-story apartment units. Retail on the block of 700 K will continue to come on line as the Kings season begins.
The ULI NEXT initiative aims to connect and elevate the next generation of leaders within ULI and the real estate industry more broadly. NEXT engages and supports members in all of ULI’s activities, specifically as they transition from ULI’s Young Leaders Group, with events and programming tailored to the mid-career professionals age 35-45.
NEXT provides a range of benefits to participants as they continue to develop their leadership skills and build lasting relationships amongst peers, with ULI leadership, and throughout the ULI network.
For more information about NEXT, Contact Co-Chairs Lindsey Fudge (lindsey.fudge@fbol.com) or Aaron Marchand (aaronmarchand@turtoncom.com)
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