Technical Assistance Panels (TAPs) provide expert, multidisciplinary advice to local governments, public agencies and nonprofit organizations facing complex land use and real estate issues. Drawing from our seasoned professional membership base, ULI offers objective and responsible guidance on a variety of land use and real estate issues ranging from site-specific projects to public policy questions.

TAPs Chair:
Jeffrey A. Townsend, PLA, FASLA


Since 1947, ULI’s Advisory Services Program has been assisting communities by bringing together panels of seasoned real estate, planning, financing, marketing, and development experts to provide unbiased pragmatic advice on complex land use and development issues. Often these panels meet with the sponsoring government or non-profit entity for five days at a fee of about $110,000, and typically address issues of a broad and long-range scope.

Five-day Panel – The flagship of ULI’s Advisory Services Program, a 5-day panel involves a diverse team of eight to ten members who work together to investigate the market potential, develop planning and design strategies, recommend phasing options, and outline implementation steps for you. The panel presents its findings and recommendations on the last day and a draft and final report, including the panel’s graphics, is prepared for the sponsor.

District Council TAPs – Conducted by local ULI members, TAPs are a 1-day session in partnership with local government or non-profit organizations providing advice on a specific land use issue. The problems addressed by a TAP are very focused. TAPs provide local communities access to expertise and advice that they may not be able to obtain through any other means. A report is typically written at the conclusion of a TAP.