Sustainable Communities Grant

ULI Sacramento was invited by the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) to be part of a consortium team to help identify Transit Priority Areas (TPA) in the Sacramento region. These TPA’s are to be analyzed as part of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) environmental document being prepared by SACOG.

Sustainable Communities Grant

The program is intended to show how integrated planning can flow from the MTP to form the region’s first Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS). The effort is being funded through a grant award by HUD through the Sustainable Communities Grant program.

ULI has been engaged with SACOG since August, 2011, attending and presenting at Consortium meetings, and assisting in a day-long workshop to identify the top five locations for transit priority to be studied.

The five TPAs selected are: Mather/Mills light rail station in Rancho Cordova; Washington Specific Plan in West Sacramento; Watt/Manlove light rail station in Sacramento County; R Street Corridor in Sacramento; and Stockton Boulevard and Fruitridge Road in the city and county of Sacramento. During 2012, each community will receive assistance from SACOG and their partners in working with neighbors and businesses to study the areas in detail and develop an action plan for how to implement their ideas.

For more information go to SACOG’s web site.