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Small & Smart Living: 19J Project focus of Think Tank

ULI Member, Nikky Mohanna, Principal of Mohanna Development, spoke about the millennial motivation and social impact philosophy behind her 19J project in midtown.
With rising rents and the increasing lack of affordability in the urban grid, 19J intends to provide “small and smart” units that meet the needs of the young, urban workforce.
“This is such a crucial project in terms of addressing the affordability issue we’re seeing in midtown,” said Ms. Mohanna.  “The vision is to provide housing for our young workforce.”

At 11 stories tall and 175 units, 19J is on track to break ground in May and addresses the “Missing Middle” of the housing supply. 19J’s “affordability by design” is a new approach to development that seeks to provide a more affordable option for millennials within walking distance of jobs and to transit. The project will feature studios and apartments that are compact and relatively affordable.

Link here for more information on 19J.


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