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City’s first Chief Innovation Officer Louis Stewart talk with Members

With the Smart City Initiative and the selection of the city’s first Innovation Officer, Louis Stewart, the city has made great strides in establishing Sacramento as a “tech forward” city.  From Jump Bikes, to 5G wireless networks, to autonomous vehicles, to the $44 million dollar Electrify America Grant, the Smart City Initiative is changing the way Sacramentans live, work, and play now and into the future.   Louis Stewart was the guest speaker at this month’s Think Tank and updated ULI members on how the City’s Innovation goals are impacting development and transportation in the City of Sacramento.   He spoke about the Sacramento Urban Technology Lab (SUTL), Verizon 5G, Volkswagen Investment, Smart City and what’s on the horizon.

Mr. Stewart’s presentation is available at the link below and to get more information on SUTL, you can go to https://innovatesac.org/.


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