Advisory Board

The mission of the Urban Land Institute is to provide leadership in the responsible use of land and in creating and sustaining thriving communities worldwide.

Advisory Board

ULI is an organization of diverse individual members who seek to provide leadership for fostering responsible land use in the Sacramento region.

Members say that ULI is a trusted-idea place where leaders come to grow professionally and personally through sharing, mentoring, and problem solving.

With pride, ULI members commit to the best in land use policy and practice.

Alan Telford

Fehr & Peers

Immediate Past Chair, ULI Sacramento

(916) 773-1900

Gladys Cornell

AIM Consulting

Past Chair

(916) 442-1168

David Zehnder

Economic & Planning Systems, Inc.

Past Chairman

(916) 649-8010

Tim Youmans

Tim Youmans Consulting

Past Chairman


Allen Folks

Ascent Environmental

Past Chairman

John Hodgson

The Hodgson Company

Past Chairman

(916) 548-8554

Randall Sater

Stonebridge Properties, LLC

Past Chairman

(916) 484-3257

Larry Kelley

McClellan Business Park

Past Chairman

(916) 965-7100

George Nolte

Past Chairman

Bernadette Austin

UC Davis Center for Regional Change

Vice Chair, Riverfront Development Initiative

(530) 752-6901

Ed Chandler

Loftgardens Landscape Architecture

(916) 505-1442

Bonnie Chiu

The New Home Company

Vice Chair, Women's Leadership Initiative


No one found with that name.

Adrian Engel

Fehr & Peers

Chair, Mission Advancement

(916) 329-7332

Jamie Gomes

Economic & Planning Systems, Inc.


(916) 649-8010

Jeffrey Goldman


Vice Chair, TAPs

(916) 414-5800

Kris Kalmbach

Cushman & Wakefield

Vice Chair, Capital Markets Council

(916) 288 4421

Patty Kleinknecht

The River District

(916) 321-5599

Bob Lagomarsino

Mintier Harnish

Dean O'Brien

Office of Statewide Health Planning & Development

Chair, Membership Committee

(916) 319-8814

Lindsey Fudge

First Bank Commercial Real Estate

Past YLG Chair


Dalton LaVoie


(916) 669-5913

Marq Truscott, FASLA

University of California at Davis

District Council Chair

(916) 764-7900

Mary Sater

ULI Sacramento


(916) 215-0547

Jake Weir

Mark Thomas & Company

YLG Chair