Infrastructure Council

Our newest Council, the ULI Sacramento Infrastructure Council was initiated in August, 2011 to focus on solutions for needed infrastructure in the Sacramento region.

Infrastructure Council Vice Chairs:
Chuck Cunningham
Alan Telford

Infrastructure Council

Mission Statement/Guiding Principals for Infrastructure Council:

-Lead a collaborative community discussion of infrastructure needs for the region.

-Foster the infrastructure that will support the Region as an area of excellence for education, business and communities, with an emphasis on a strong and sustainable regional economy.

-Provide professional knowledge and expertise to support the improvement of existing infrastructure resources and to assure the planning and development of infrastructure for the future.

-Facilitate priority setting and identification of funding mechanisms.

-Define infrastructure in broad terms including transportation, water, resources, flood protection bicycle & pedestrian, transit, electrical supply, broadband and other physical infrastructure.

-Encourage continuing interest among an array of stakeholders in long term strategies for infrastructure resources through specific programs.

-Seek synergies with other entities in the region, such as Sac Metro Chamber, Valley Vision, SACOG, APWA, Sacramento Water Forum, etc.