Broadway Vision Plan Grant

One of Sacramento’s most historic corridors has been awarded a $12,000 grant, thanks to the Urban Land Institute. ULI Sacramento and the Greater Broadway Partnership were awarded the grant to help craft a vision plan for revitalizing the landmark Broadway district.

Broadway Grant Lead:
Mike Notestine

Broadway Vision Plan Grant

ULI Sacramento and the Greater Broadway Partnership have organized an active outreach effort, including community forums and public workshops, that will be a guiding road map and investment strategy for successful economic revitalization within the corridor.

Efforts to secure the grant for the Broadway effort were led by two of ULI Sacramento’s most experienced leaders in innovative community planning, Jeff Goldman and Mike Notestine. “On behalf of ULI Sacramento and the Greater Broadway Partnership, we are very excited to receive this grant,” says Allen Folks, past chair of the District Council. “This will allow us to assemble a unique Technical Advisory Panel to assist the Partnership in defining a strategic vision for the Broadway corridor, which has been a vital artery and vibrant commercial district throughout Sacramento’s history.”

“This is a true collaboration between the Greater Broadway Partnership and ULI that combines its great expertise and the perspectives and experiences of residents, businesses, and property owners in the Broadway corridor” says Partnership Executive Director Teresa Rocha. “This is a process of rediscovering Broadway’s history and character and how it defines who we are today and what we want to be in the future.”

The Greater Broadway Partnership is a non-profit organization representing the property owners and businesses of the Broadway Business District. The Broadway Partnership works on behalf of district property owners and their tenants to improve district cleanliness and safety, promote activities that will increase economic activity, and represent area interests at various private and governmental forums. The retail establishments and commercial and industrial properties of the Broadway district have long served the vibrant surrounding communities of Land Park, Southside Park, Curtis Park and Richmond Grove, as well as the residents of the downtown/midtown area and the region.